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Covers v3-3c FINAL

Take a look at the final cover for Invisible Army!

(Ignore the printer’s marks)

Sets the right mood/image for the incredible story of the men and women who maintained and operated the Rideau Canal since 1832. Gone,but not forgotten  —  now.

I hope to have the book itself in local bookstores in the next few weeks, Chapters – Byward Market – has agreed to stock it. I’ll be canvassing other local bookstores to pick up this great local story.

If you have a favourite bookstore that you think might be a good candidate for this book, let me know. The Friends of the Rideau will be grateful.


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Free at last! I’ve pre-flighted and packaged up the Invisible Army.

Tomorrow it goes off to the printers – who knows what adventures await?

Still waiting for the final cover – trying to work in a late-breaking quote, but no biggie.

Now I can start work on my next project – an annotated bibliography of all the material that I consulted in the course of the research for the book. Any suggestions for the bibliographic style?

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Well, I’m still trying to finish off the cover. The last “quote” has just come in and is being worked on. This means careful editing of the first two quotes to make room, but I think that this has also tightened up the focus.

No guarantee of success, but the folks that are aware of what’s in the book are very positive about it. I hope that the operations and maintenance staff will feel the same way.

Equally as important is the reaction of the general public along the Rideau. Unless you know someone ( a relative or friend), there isn’t much available information on how the canal kept going all these long years. I think that it’s a hell of a good story and I hope that everyone will agree.

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Sprinting to the finish! I’m in the middle of trying to straighten out timing issues among the Superintendents and digging out names of lockmen for some of the gaps left in the lists. I won’t get them all before I go to print.

Really impressed with the interest, enthusiasm, and general helpfulness of former Rideau staffers. A perfect ( well, I try) stranger calls up, introduces himself, and starts asking questions about something that happened 30-35 years ago.

These men and women keep coming up with information, and if they don’t know, or aren’t sure, they suggest someone else and give you the phone number. What a gang!

There should be more people like that in the world. Maybe there are, and we just haven’t met them, or made the right connection. I think it’s the latter. The Rideau “connects” a lot of folk.

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I dunno! Just as I think that I’ve come across some great new information, the Access issue strikes again. This one is a bit more Kafka-esque than usual.

I requested some volumes via a Finding Aid (FA) and got a prompt response back that I needed a file number for one of the requests. I noted that all there was in the FA was the volume number and a title, so I supplied it. I was then told that the file would take the usual 6-8 weeks, but that the other two volumes requested were on microfilm and available on the 2nd floor.

Then it seems to have occurred to someone that I was asking for material that seemed to be cleared for access but that hadn’t actually been cleared. So now I’m in limbo again. Are they really going to remove material that has been available for public access and give it the old “6-8 weeks” review?

Looks like it!


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I’ve just completed making some changes in various chapters in response to thoughtful comments by a reviewer. It’s amazing (and humbling) to have someone with deep background point out areas that are inconsistent, incomplete, or incomprehensible, and prove it with added information.

I don’t know if anyone will want to read this book when I’m finished, but it sure will be much better for the effort that a number of reviewers have devoted to it.

Maybe in the next few weeks, I can wrap it up and drop it off at the printers. Oh, happy day!

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Dad-sketch-5Looking for something to do next weekend ?
Plan a daytrip to Newboro Lockstation. Take #15 to Crosby and then follow the road to Westport. (You’ll get to Newboro first -just follow the signs to the Lock Station).

EVENT:          Newboro Boat Show

WHEN:           June 13th & 14th

WHAT:           Day Trip

HOST:            Rideau Boat Tours

START:          Saturday June 13 @ 10:00 AM

END:              Sunday June 14 @ 6:00 PM

WHERE:          Newboro Lock Station

See you there!

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